The foods we eat can cause serious damage to our teeth, especially those loaded with sugars. While brushing, flossing, and regular preventative care help, these sugars may still form plaque and calculus that ultimately lead to cavities. Traditional composite or amalgam fillings can restore your tooth in most cases, but when the affected area is too large, Dr. Klayman at Red Bank Smiles can repair the damage with an inlay. These durable alternatives offer a natural look to restore your oral health and your smile.

What Are Inlays?

Dental inlays replace decayed areas of your teeth without major surgery. They can even be used to repair a tooth after an injury. These pre-molded fillings are designed to fit into the grooves of your tooth without extending over the cusps. This helps repair the surface, allowing you to chew normally & without any pain.

To perform this procedure, Dr. Klayman gives the patient an anesthetic to numb the area. Then the tooth is drilled to clear out the decayed or damaged area. Next, he takes an impression of the tooth, and a skilled technician creates a custom inlay using composite resin material or porcelain. The inlay is bonded to the remaining tooth to cover the hole left by decay removal. Your inlay should fit perfectly and will match the color of your existing teeth for a natural look. There’s no need to worry about chips, loosening, and other damage because the material is so durable

Why Choose Inlays?

Your teeth naturally contain calcium to keep them strong and fight cavities. Yet because the bacteria in our mouths are so pervasive, tooth decay can happen even with the strongest teeth and most diligent oral hygiene. In most cases, cavities can be filled with small composite or amalgam fillings, but this isn’t always the case. When decayed areas grow larger, an inlay provides a better solution.

In addition to larger areas of decay, dental inlays are also the best choice for damage to the biting surface of the teeth and when teeth break due to existing damage or new injuries. In some cases, the work required for a standard dental filling could damage the tooth even further, leading to its eventual loss. Your dentist will recommend inlays in these situations to protect and restore the remaining tooth structure.

Inlays at Red Bank Smiles

When our patients require dental inlays and other restorative dental care, the Red Bank Smiles team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of treatment and comfortable experience. Dr. Klayman will explain your options and provide sedation dentistry if needed to alleviate fears and anxiety. Our dental office is designed to make patients comfortable, so you can relax during treatment and avoid the stress many people feel when visiting the dentist. Patients without insurance can also take advantage of our Dental $avings Plan to get the care they need without exceeding their budgets.

Dental Inlays in Red Bank, NJ

If you’re experiencing pain, sensitivity, or other symptoms of tooth decay, call 732-741-1052 to speak with Heidi at Red Bank Smiles today and schedule an appointment. We offer a variety of restorative and preventative dental care solutions to keep your teeth and mouth healthy – and beautiful. For more information, contact us today.