What Are You Looking For?

Not every dentist is the same, and not every patient is the same. Before joining our practice, find out what you are looking for.
Want To Enhance Your Smile?

Concerned about a chip, crack, or worse…a missing tooth or teeth? Contact us now to find out how you can be your best self!read more

Looking For A Dental Home For The Whole Family?

We love making this a special place for kids and moms and dads! We offer blocked times for family, so we can focus all of our attention on you and your family! Reserve your time now!read more

Are you in need of reconstructive dentistry?

Are your teeth making your life difficult? Why suffer? Contact us now to start on your path to comfort!read more

Have you let your dental care lapse and are unsure about what to do?

We are a judgement free-zone. We are here to help you, guilt-free and pressure-free. Contact us to start your path to health!read more

Are you just looking for a place to get your teeth cleaned and check once in a while?

That’s ok, too! Though we prefer to be an active part in your life, we get that some don’t want all the fuss. Just let us know how we can best customize your appointment.read more

What is this “holistic” and “minimally invasive” dentistry?

Great question! This is also related to x-rays, amalgams, root canals, and fluoride.

We are dedicated to utilizing materials that are safe to you. However, any product related to oral health care must be FDA approved, and thus bio-compatible. We utilize digital radiation to reduce your exposure to radiation. We are also OSHA and HIPAA compliant.

Dr. Klayman will always advise you on the best material for you, limiting the use of mercury-containing materials. Though root-canal therapy is controversial, if in doubt we always recommend a consultation with an endodontic specialist.

When it comes to fluoride, please read more here.